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Friday, June 5, 2015

Has technology really changed?

Society is telling the people that technology will influence our children's behavior and will miss social ques from peers because of how much cellphones and computers have taken their eyes from to world around them to a screen right in front of them. I say to you, now look at the two pictures to the left. One was taken on a train years ago and the other taken also on a train in the present day. In both pictures technology is taken the eye sight  of the people in the picture. In the old black and white picture it is the news paper, while in the present picture it is cellphones. So what is this difference between technology years ago compare to technology today? My spouse, Josh, once said "cellphones are a newer way to mind your own business". I truly believe that technology has not change the way our society functions, but technology has become more prevent in society. 

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